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Knock Down Ceiling Texture

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Ceiling Texture - Has great offers on removing popcorn ceilings, knockdown, orange peal, snow-Tex, Painted Ceilings, Drywall, Decorative Ceilings, and more. 

Knock Down Ceiling Texture in Calgary

Our Staff have been serving the Calgary area since 1995 and hope to be creating beautiful ceilings for years to come. We have and extensive network of trade professionals to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. With guaranteed end contract pricing and Quote Matching, you can rest assured you will receive a great product for a fair price. 

Ceiling Texture Options & Ideas

When considering smooth ceiling vs textured ceiling have our staff show you samples and photos so that you can make the best choice for you.

Painted Ceiling

A smooth painted ceiling is one of the hardest finishes to prefect as it takes multiple mudding and taping coats since it usual is under the scrutiny of lights. You can also enhance this feature with painted borders or decorative designs. 

Orange Peal Texture

The name says it all meant to resemble the texture of an orange, which brings out great depth to your ceiling with a premium texture finish.

Knockdown Ceiling Texture

One of the most premium finishes a home can have, and can be looked at as art to achieve the lace Knockdown look. This service also requires multiple taping and mudding coats but is well worth it in the end. This can even be done with a color tint to it.

Ceiling Paint

Use this to freshen up your home from old age, or it works wonders when getting rid of the stains of smoking or from a fireplace. This major upgrade can be done for a fraction of the price of a new ceiling.  


Popcorn ceiling texture

A popcorn ceiling, is one of the most common types of textures may also be referred to as an cottage cheese ceiling or acoustic ceiling. It has become less and less common as many homeowners prefer to go with a Knockdown ceiling or ceiling texture paint.  It has qualities of noise reduction and is great in hiding drywall ceiling imperfections. If the popcorn ceiling texture has not been painted over it is not extremely hard to replace with a more premium ceiling finish. A popcorn ceiling removal can be messy and time consuming if the  project is not for you contact us to see how we can bring new life to your ceiling.

WARNING on Asbestos Ceiling Texture, Vermiculite Insulation, mold or a Hazardous Material. 

Some older homes may have a ceiling texture that may be harmful to your health to remove, due to the fact it may contain Asbestos. If you are unsure we can provide you with the testing by an accredited lab. You may also have this as vermiculite in your insulation, consult a professional to ensure the safety of you and the people in your home.  If our staff does find the presence of a Hazardous material we will post pone work until the issue is resolved. We can refer you to the right people to get the issue taken care of properly. 


Drywall Repair

 Our staff will be happy to do small drywall repairs as service calls contact today for details

T- Bar Ceiling

We can provide you with the gird the tile and the expertise to enhance your room. This form of ceiling is most beneficial for Upgrading over time with wiring, plumbing, data and more. A t bar ceiling can also make a huge difference in the event of a leak or flood saving thousands on drywall repair costs. 


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